Sunday, August 5, 2012


There is a story behind the quote. At BYU-Idaho there is an Honor Code that the students are supposed to follow. It's pretty simple I follow it even when I'm not there. Every Tuesday we have a devotional. Part of the Honor Code for the girls is to have knee length skirts. At one of the devotionals this semester President Clark was reminding the students of this because many of the girls dress like they don't know where their knees are. He said "The knee is a joint.. it's not located in the upper thigh." Ha ha ha. He told us to remind our roommates and friends where they're knees are;) I just painted four new frames and thought this would be a good picture to take and hang by the front door of the apartment. I love President Clark! It was pretty funny, but sadly true that many girls wear super short skirts.

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