Monday, April 30, 2012

beautiful day

On Saturday my roommate and I went to take pictures. It was so much fun having someone to go with! She's so great at landscapes! We both snuck and took pictures of each other. It was such a beautiful day! You can see some of her pictures here.
And she took this one of me:

I love my 70-300 lens!
I am loving this new semester! I think they keep getting better. I like all of my classes especially photography. I get to learn lightroom! We have a two hour and fourty five minute lab where we get to edit our photo's and print them. I'll use some of these for my first assignment that can be anything and then our depth of field assignment. I need more practice with landscapes.

There were so many birds! I was worried a little worried about them when they were flying right above us.... I'm a little afraid of birds. I've had a few bad experiences with them...

the clouds were so beautiful!

I LOVE that house!

We found a run down cabin! It was really cool!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

this is the place

I love Utah so much. It is full of so much to do. I loved going to this is the place. One of my favorite parts of the day was driving through Salt Lake and looking at all of the old mansions.
I was bored when we were waiting to get our tickets, so I took picture's of what they had in the gift shop. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

so we went to the zoo

The movie "So We Bought A Zoo" came out last week, which is one of my new favorites. I was watching it with my family on Saturday and said that we should go to the zoo. So we did! I love how spontaneous my family can be. After we went to "This is the Place" right across from it. I'll post those pictures tomorrow. Have a good day!

 We wanted the peacock to show off it's feathers so bad. It was so funny because there was this little boy who wanted to climb over the short rope to get to the peacock. He kept saying "but I can!" He wanted to get it to show off it's feathers too. It's so fun the see what the kids do at the zoo.
This monkey looks just like the monkey on so we bought a zoo :)

All of the kids thought this monkey was so funny. They loved it's mohawk

This animal really scares me! It's looks like it's looking right at you with it's creepy yellow eyes.

And you thought you needed a shower this morning. What a dirty dry animal. This picture makes me feel like I need to put lotion on.

 I love my zoom lens! I see's better than I do! I have glasses, but I never wear them because my eyes aren't that bad. I just squint and I see fine.

beautiful girl!

I hope you all had a happy Easter! I really loved this shoot. I'd been wanting to taking pictures in the birght sunlight. She's so beautiful!
This is my favorite!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

where the wild trees grow

 I love our wild peach tree! I'm from Brigham City which is famous for their peaches. I'm in love with the spring blossoms that are everywhere! I just found out yesterday that I can print my pictures on a t-shirt. I've been wanting to!