Quotes I can't tell you how happy we are with Kaylie's photography skills. She has a natural eye for setting up photo's and poses, and has the ability to capture everyone in a wonderful light. She is also very good at editing the photos, and changing and manipulating colors to make the photos unique. I would highly recommend her as a photographer. She has real talent. Quotes
Loraine Jezak

Quotes Kaylie is a young lady with a beautiful spirit and a passion for photography...giving her a fresh perspective in effectively capturing the true soul and essence of the families she photographs. Quotes
John Fahrnkopf
Fellow Photographer
Quotes Kaylie is a fun, sweet young woman and you can see her passion and excitement for photography. She has got an eye for photography and I believe will only continue to increase her talent and produce great photos! Quotes
Katie Horne
Quotes I loved having Kaylie take my daughter's pictures! Kaylie is very talented and loves what she does. She's creative and it was a great experience. She worked very well with my 4 month old and has a very flexible schedule so she was able to work around the baby's nap time and feeding time. Thank you Kaylie for the beautiful pictures you took! Quotes
Marissa C Taylor