Thursday, October 27, 2011

The {J} Family

I have known this family forever! They are my sister's friends from high school and continued to keep in touch. I would always go with my sister to hang out with them when I was only in sixth grade. Thanks for getting me to take these! I had so much fun! You guys are so cute! This was my first shoot with a toddler and I think it went pretty well!

 Mr. Serious:) He's so cute

 These two are my favorite! Aren't they such a cute family!

He loved the really long stick he found!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 I took these pictures a couple weekends ago when I was home.  I love how smooth the water looks in these.
 Today in intro to visual art we talked about if photography actually is art. Of course I think it is. Eveyone has taken a picture, but that doesn't make them photographers. There is so much more to photography than pressing a button. Capturing personalities takes more than pressing a button. It takes getting to know them. Snapping a photo when they don't know it. I hope that when people see my photographs they think of them more than pictures, but art. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

never too early for Christmas

 I wasn't lying when I said I love Christmas. The reason my mini tree is still up is because my sister got home from her mission in March so she opened her presents under my tree. I figured it would be a waste of time to put it away. So my mom and I put my turquiose bulbs on my mini tree for fun. Then I took cool pictures :) I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was awesome. I went home for my mom's birthday she is the best mom ever. She is my best friend. I already miss her.

One of our coming up photography assignments is motion so this weekend I messed with my shutter speed and my dad's tripod. It was alot of fun. I really like the photo's below. They remind me of a t-shirt or something.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

the moon

"It doesn't matter where you are in the world the moon's never bigger than your thumb." I think the moon is so cool. Last night I wanted to give my try at taking pictures at night. It was really fun. I enjoyed it. I took the two photo's below with my tripod and the shutter was opened for thirty seconds. Part of the picture looks like the letter T. I wonder what happened?? The photo's below aren't necessarily "good" pictures which is why my name is not on them, but I think they're interesting.

zoomed into the "T" below

Friday, October 7, 2011

baby it's cold outside

 I don't think it's quit snowing since yesterday! I'm just happy it's snowing in Utah too and not just Rexburg Idaho! As I was walking home from class I was singing "baby it's cold outside" in my head. I love Christmas! Can we just skip Halloween? I'm not a big fan of Halloween. Right now I'm listening to Christmas music on Pandora:) I never usually listen to Christmas music this early, but my mom always would. I guess she rubbed off on me:) My roomate thinks i'm crazy ha ha. But when it looks like this outside I can't help myself! It was freezing this morning! I had to use my jacket to keep my camera from getting snow all over it.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to take family pictures outside. I'm crossing my fingers the weather man is right because he says it'll be partly cloudy.

These are for my photography assignment. We had to use artificial light so I used my headlights.

At least we can still see the fall leaves, right? :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

rainy day

Yesterday was so rainy! The clouds here always look so pretty. It's supposed to snow today:S I really hope it doesn't. I'm not quite ready for snow! Today I learned something in my photography class usually it's just review, but it's a fun class. I'm getting the hang of this college thing;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

fall is here!

Every October conference weekend my family has a tradition to go see the fall leaves. It's a really fun tradition. They are so pretty!