Thursday, July 12, 2012


In my photography class we got to try film. I actually didn't mind doing it this time. It's kind of fun to see the image appear in the dark room. While I was shooting I had a hard time not knowing what I was getting. I would like to try again! In the fall I'm taking color photography. During my off track in the winter I think I'll take the advanced black and white film class. I think I would really love it if I could spend all the time I wanted.

In one week from now I'll be going home to Brigham City! Schedule a shoot while I'm there until September!
I only have two more finals to go. I have loved college SO much! I've had so many opportunities to grow. I feel like I've improved so much and expanded my photography. I'm excited to continue learning. I'll do a future post from the Best Of Show and some of my favorite Rec Sports photos I've taken this semester. Taking outdoor photos in Rec Sports was such a great experience. I'm not doing it next semester so that I will be able to take in more clients.

7/14/12 I got my first 10 on this assignment! I was so excited when I found out. The teacher doesn't seem to hand out many 10's. ;)

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