Thursday, December 1, 2011


I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving break. I sure did. I took a million photo's and my family kept laughing at me:) I knew I wouldn't be home for a few weeks around Christmas time so I wanted something to help me feel at home. I will be home in 16 days!!! I'm so excited! Here are a few pictures I took outside. We got colored LED lights. We've always have white lights so the color is fun. I'm using a couple of these for my photography final. I'm excited about it. I'll have to post it after I finish it. I love my photography homework because it doesn't even feel like homework. It's just fun. It's crazy that finals are coming up! I'm taking a break from my political paper to post this. I wish it was as easy to type about politics as it is to type about photography ha ha.

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