Saturday, December 17, 2011


This morning when I went outside with my family for our walk everything was perfectly frosted. I was worried it wouldn't look the same when we got back, but luckily it did! I was outside for atleast a half hour walking around my yard. I was so excited when I found our frozen bush (photo above). I love how you can see the air bubbles in it.

It's so good to be home for Christmas!!! I love relaxing with my family. My mom went through her closet and gave me a Paris sweater! I was so excited I put it on. I really want to go to Paris after having all of my art classes this semester. I would love to go and take pictures like this amazing photographer.

I have loved having my camera for a year, but you've probably read that before. I am so excited to take it to temple square. I used to feel like I shouldn't put my nature pictures on here. I was worried it would look bad to have more nature photographs than portraits, but I have a passion for both! I hope you enjoy seeing my perspective of both. ;)

Doesn't it look like the water is just going to drip off?

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