Monday, July 18, 2011

Cute kiddos!!!:) {full post}

I loved this shoot so much!!:) I kept finding myself smiling as I was editing because they are just so stinking cute!! They were so cooperative and did exactly as I told them. Their mom picked this location, I'd never been there before. When I was looking around I was so excited. It's a perfect place for pictures.

Handsome boys:)
Isn't she so adorable?!

I think barefeet are so cute:)

She's so goregeous!!!:)

I told them to be silly in the one below. I love it:) They are so fun!

 This is one of my favorites:)

 We decided we needed some more singles of her, so we went up to this table and then....
 ...her little brother came up and did this without me even telling his to! He's so sweet:)
What and amazing family!:)

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