Thursday, June 9, 2011


This week I have gotten quite a bit of weeding done. I still have to pull the weed in the photo above. It's pretty cute for a weed! I kept looking at the flowers in my yard and took a break to grab my camera. I love having a real camera this spring! It's so nice to be able to choose the focal point and have it focus. Last year my pink point and shoot camera wouldn't focus too often for me. :)

 I can't remember ever seeing such tiny grasshoppers. They're not too creepy when they're little.

The sun was shining so bright through these flowers. I love it. The petals looked so sparkly! 

Our lilacs are almost finished for the season. They lasted a little longer this year!! I'll miss looking at them when i sit on the porch.

They flowers above are all over our yard. That seems to be one of the few things in our flower beds that will grow.

p.s. tomorrow's Friday!! I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm excited:)

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